The Collective Misfits

The Polaroid camera is a medium that has been used by art rebels from Andy Warhol to Brigid Berlin since its development in the 1950s. One of the most exciting aspects of the camera itself is that it provides instant photographs, spitting out images in a way that is fast-paced and impatient like rock n’ roll. The medium brings art into the hands of the public, and more importantly, into the deviant who thrives on instant gratification and balks at the idea of process. 

The Collective Misfits is a photo series on Polaroid in three parts. Part One is a dark, neon portrait of the artist Sizzy Rocket exhibiting illegal behavior to coincide with the release of the single Bad Kids. Here, Rocket chooses to exhibit a masculinity akin to her punk idols, Sid Vicious, Iggy Pop, and Freddie Mercury. She dismisses the femininity expected of her as a pop artist and instead creates a hyper-sexualized reality where anything goes, using adrenaline and power as her life sources. These photos are meant to demonstrate the demeanor, essence, and aesthetic of what it means to be a rebel in the most classic sense – breaking the rules in order to serve a larger purpose.  Parts Two and Three coming soon.  


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